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Star of the BBC's popular crime drama show, has revealed that he'd like to explore Detective Chief Inspector John Luther's past on the big screen.

According to Digital Spy, the Luther star wants to make an "origin story", and revealed that it is definitely a goal for writer and himself to make a movie, once they've talked about it at length, saying:

If we do decide to make this film, the spine of the film will probably come from The Calling - which is the book - and that starts at the beginning of who Luther is and where he's come from.

Cross's award-winning novel is a prequel that focuses on a traumatic case involving a child killer and culminates in the events portrayed at the start of Luther's opening series. Most of the time, when television programs become movies, it's cause for worry. Luther, however, stands alone as a show that could conceivably become a decent big-screen flick. The show has always been brazenly cinematic, it's stories are already feature-length and – apart from the obligatory cliffhangers which divide each episode – have a rhythm more attuned to movie than television.

And fortunately, despite Elba and Cross having a desire to take the cop to the theater, Luther's days on television aren't necessarily numbered. With Season 3 set to commence in July, it looks like the duo behind the show are simply training us fans to gear up towards what could either be a movie or maybe a television special and then a movie. Either way, plenty more Luther for all. Good news?



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