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With a 25th James Bond film drifting in and out of our crosshairs, and Daniel Craig still teasing that he could be done with playing 007, all eyes are firmly on who could replace the blue-eyed Bond. Now Idris Elba has dropped a volcano lair-sized hint that he could be the next man to wield a Walther PPK. While Tom Hardy seems to have the public's support for playing the martini-swilling womanizer, Elba has been long rumored for the role as .

is currently working in conjunction with charitable organization Omaze for the chance to win a Valentine’s Day date with the 44-year-old Luther star. While this may not sound like the ideal place to drop a hint that he will be suiting up as the seventh James Bond, Idris seemingly couldn't resist teasing us just a little more.

Elba asked the trio of kids who their ideal date would be, prompting responses of "Olly Murs," "Ariana Grande," and "James Bond." It was with the uttering of the infamous MI6 agent's name that prompted Elba to give a knowing glance to the camera. They say that a look says it all, and if Elba's face is anything to go by, it looks like he could be hiding something!

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

Having A 'Bond' Moment

Whether it was a scripted response or not, Elba seemingly hinted that he could be swapping his usual Hollywood parts for one of the biggest names in cinematic history. Obviously, Elba would never be foolish enough to ruin the surprise and say "Yes, I am James Bond," but we wish someone would hurry up and tell us who it will be. Skip to 2:52 to see for yourselves.

The writing is on the wall with Bond, while Sony's distribution rights came to an end after the 24th film, meaning that it could be all chance behind the scenes. Since in 2015, Eon Productions and Barbara Broccoli have struggled to get their story straight. It has become a "will he, won't he" with Craig toying with responses like that he would rather slit his wrists than play the part again, or that he would continue to play Bond for as long has he enjoys it. Christopher Waltz had previously agreed to another two pictures as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but that was dependent on Craig.

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'The Graham Norton Show' [Credit: BBC]
'The Graham Norton Show' [Credit: BBC]

As for someone else taking on the Bond moniker, the actors rumored for the part have remained rightly shtum on the issue. Hardy recently revealed that those who talk about the part, or offer themselves to play Bond, are quickly swept under the carpet. Elba has remained coy on the issue, going as far as telling Business Insider:

“I don’t know anything. Nothing, there’s no update whatsoever.

The announcement of in 2005 was accompanied by a high-speed River Thames boat stunt, so expect that if there is an announcement of Bond No. 7, it will be equally flashy. The lack of information on who will play Bond for the character's 25th official film is the main reason that the film remains so sketchy, but if Craig really is out, frontrunners for the part are obviously Elba, Hardy, and Tom Hiddleston. For the time being, whether Craig will return is the biggest mystery out there alongside who will take over directing The Batman.

Check out Elba's spy skills in Luther, and don't forget our poll below!


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