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Dania Lerman

DON'T FREAK OUT - it's only Photoshop! Jennifer Lawrence didn't just reveal the secret sister she's been like...hiding in a cellar or something. Some brilliant graphics beast put together a photo mash-up series of Oscar nominees with their younger selves and they're all super cute and SUPER convincing.

Like...If Jennifer was a big sis, isn't that EXACTLY what she would do? Like..."Ima smush your face, sis!" And little JLaw's like "Stop Jen we're on the red carpet why do you always have to be so weird?!"

Awwwww. :)

Here are some others:

Julia Robers with her 25 year-younger self

Christian Bale with his 27 year-younger self

6) Tom Hanks with his 34-year younger self adorable are they?! I mean...not as cute as big and little JLaw, but could anyone ever be?

Good job, anonymous Photoshop wizard. Thanks for making me smile.


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