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One of my favorite / least favorite times of the year is when Forbes releases its list of Hollywood's highest paid actors. Sure, I'm okay with my favorite actors making bank for creating works of art. However, you'll notice that some of your favorites (, cough!) aren't included on the list. Network TV still dominates with large salaries and highly lucrative syndication checks. The fact that Two and a Half Men's is still in the top 10 after a he bashed the show in a viral video. Check out the list here:

, Two and a Half Men, $24 million

, Two and a Half Men, $24 million

, Everybody Loves Raymond, $15 million

, How I Met Your Mother, $24 million

, NCIS, $15 million

, Grey's Anatomy, $13 million

, , $11 million

, Two and a Half Men, $11 million

, Dexter, $10 million

, Anger Management, $10 million

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(via Forbes)


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