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French actress has always played roles of equal parts beauty and badass, and her character of Artemisia in the upcoming 300: Rise of an Empire seems to be no different.

Fans of the original film have been waiting for six long years during stop-and-go production on the sequel, which will not be a continuation of the story of the previous characters, but rather will tell a parallel story about a different set of warriors. And just how badass is Green's character?

Says the actress:

She's kind of a Lady Macbeth/Cleopatra character. She's obsessed by vengeance and wants to go to war with the Greeks.

And will there be some sexual tension between her and mortal enemy Thermistocles ()? You better believe it:

He's my archenemy, but there's a very strong attraction. If they'd been in another kind of situation, it might have been a romantic story.

Want to see what Artemisia looks like? Of course you do:

Beauty. Brains. Brawn.


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