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(Filth) will be an old-timey movie star.

This isn’t just a statement regarding the beautiful actress’ future status. No, according to Variety, Poots is in fact going to play an actress in ’s (In the Bedroom, Little Children) upcoming adaptation of ’s bestseller, Beautiful Ruins which partly takes place in the 1960s.

Not having read the book it’s a daunting task to write a synopsis about the damn thing. There are apparently more than a few characters and storylines to be dealt with and the book seems to be a sprawling, decade-spanning affair which should send shivers up every screenwriter’s spine.

That’s me trying anyway:

Set in Italy, in the idyllic coastal town of Porto Vergogna, Beautiful Ruins centers on an Italian hotelier falling for an American starlet who checks into his family's hotel, the reason for this being the filming of the movie Cleopatra nearby. The almost-love affair between the two will span over decades and find its resolution in modern day Hollywood.

The novel has received quite silly amounts of praise, my favorite being "a novel shot in sparkly Technicolor" from the Library Journal.

I'd watch that!

Beautiful Ruins will begin filming in May, 2014 which should result in a 2015 release date.


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