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It's an exciting time for fans of classic Nicktoon Hey Arnold! with the recent release of the first full trailer for Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. Nineties kids have been waiting a long time for this film, which was originally slated for release sometime in the mid 2000s. It was supposed to act as the Hey Arnold! series finale, but was cancelled after creator Craig Bartlett had a falling out with Nickelodeon. They eventually patched things up, and now, on November 24, 2017, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie will hit TV screens, hopefully giving fans answers to the long-held question of what happened to Arnold's parents.

Here are five of the most important moments from the movie's new trailer.

1. Grandpa Phil Tells Arnold Not To Go Looking For His Parents

[Credit: Nickelodeon]
[Credit: Nickelodeon]

In his short appearance in the trailer, Arnold's beloved Grandpa Phil is adamant that Arnold should not go looking for his parents and should treat San Lorenzo just like any other school trip. While this is most likely out of fear for Arnold's safety, it may also hint that Phil knows more about Miles and Stella's fate than he had previously let on.

On this point, it is worth noting that Arnold will be a year older in The Jungle Movie than he was in Hey Arnold's series finale, "The Journal," where Phil first tells Arnold the full story of his parents. He could easily have omitted anything he felt Arnold was not ready for.

2. Gerald Is Surprised At Helga Wanting To Help, But Arnold Is Not

[Credit: Nickelodeon]
[Credit: Nickelodeon]

While Gerald seems rather surprised at Helga's desire to help, Arnold accepts it easily. This could be because while Arnold eventually became aware of Helga's role as Deep Voice, helping them out through the events of Hey Arnold!: The Movie, Gerald did not. Remembering the events of the previous film, Arnold would not be as surprised by Helga's desire to help again.

It also means that certain events from Hey Arnold: The Movie! — namely, the scene where Helga admits her feelings for Arnold — will come into play during The Jungle Movie.

3. Helga Destroys Her Picture Of Arnold.

[Credit: Nickelodeon]
[Credit: Nickelodeon]

As all Hey Arnold! fans know, Helga possesses a locket with a picture of Arnold inside, which she pulls out in private moments to reflect on her feelings for him. Her crush on Arnold is a key part of her character. So, fans were understandably shocked by the moment in The Jungle Movie's trailer in which Helga angrily tears up the photo, and throws her locket in the river.

This obviously indicates that Helga and Arnold will fall out at some point in the movie, but like all great love stories, they are sure to reconcile. If Craig Bartlett's original plan plays out, Helga may even be able to replace the locket with a couple pictures of them together.

4. The 'Arnold' Chanters

Towards the end of the trailer, a group of unseen people surround Gerald and Helga, chanting Arnold's name. These people are most likely the mysterious 'Green-Eyes' tribe, friends of Arnold's parents. In "The Journal," it is revealed that Miles and Stella helped the Green-Eyes on numerous occasions, and in return, they guided Stella to a safe place to give birth to Arnold. The Green-Eyes are the reason Miles and Stella returned to San Lorenzo.

5. The Cave Picture

[Credit: Nickelodeon]
[Credit: Nickelodeon]

At one point, apparently while still with the Green-Eyes, Arnold finds a cave painting that clearly depicts Miles and Stella, desperately asking if anyone knows where they are. The painting does not look old or faded at all, implying that it can't have been too long since Arnold's parents were last seen.

Hopefully Arnold, and the audience, will soon get the answers they need.

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie premieres on Nickelodeon on November 24, 2017. Will you be watching it?


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