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The legendary British comic book artist Steve Dillon has sadly passed away at the age of just 54. This luminary helped to redefine comic books as a legitimate medium for adults to enjoy, shaking the popularized idea that comics were "juvenile" by nature. In celebration of Dillon's life and achievements here are some his most iconic panels from to .

1. Punisher vs. Daredevil

Daredevil faces a moral quandary in Steve Dillion's masterful panel
Daredevil faces a moral quandary in Steve Dillion's masterful panel

This scene that see's Daredevil being plunged into a deep moral quandary by Punisher is so visually arresting that is was basically directly copied in Series 2 of the critically acclaimed Netflix show.

Daredevil vs. The Punisher on the Netflix show
Daredevil vs. The Punisher on the Netflix show

2. Punisher Punches A Polar Bear

Preacher punches and polar bear
Preacher punches and polar bear

What better way to demonstrate Punisher's punishing personality than a swift smack right in a fuzzy wuzzy polar bear's unsuspecting face?

3. Judge Dredd's Werewolf Massacre

Judge Dredd in Cry of the Werewolf
Judge Dredd in Cry of the Werewolf

Demonstrating Dillon's bold color palette and uncanny ability to convey chaotic action in a still image, this Judge Dredd panel for 'Cry of the Werewolf' is, for me, a stand out in the series.

4. Nighthawk's Golden Splash

Piss poor morals in Nighthawk
Piss poor morals in Nighthawk

This panel from one of Dillon's less well-know works, Supreme Power: Nighthawk, should be enough to gain the underrated series at least a few more readers. Does it get much more chilling than a butt naked serial killer having a totally blasé piss on the floor while watching news about his victims? Oh yes, when he sits in it on the cold, concrete floor. Let's not even go there with the green clown shoes.

Dillon's ability to craft profoundly disturbing scenes, even without the aid of blood and gore, shines through here and the stark characterization is so effective.

Preacher's Face Off

Preacher's face off: Recognize something?
Preacher's face off: Recognize something?

What's more disturbing than someone being drugged and then presented with their own visage hanging before them like a limp slice of luncheon meat? When they nail it back on upside-down and it goes septic of course, duh!

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5. The Peril's Of No Playlist

Sure, Preacher comics are defined by breaking taboos and constantly flirting with controversy, but the characters are also beautifully fleshed out right down to their taste in music. Dillon's expressive drawing style captures the personality of the character's with each stroke and we learn a lot about each of the comic book cast's essence from even a simple upturned eyebrow or pout.

6. Assface Emerges

Sure, assface has made his way into the pop culture lexicon now, but there is no denying that it was a genuine shock when this pitiful post-suicide-attempt creature first popped up in Preacher comics. Hard-hitting stuff.

7. Herr Starr's Nuts Bite The Dust

This simple image of utter defeat as Herr Starr props himself up against a brutalist concrete wall as a Rottweiler gnaws his genitals off is one of my favorite in the series. The effective use of the red color motif and the fixed face of utter shock between panels show off Dillon at his best.

8. A Shit Start

Another poignant moment of characterization in the Preacher series see's Tulip confronted with the devastating hunting accident that killed her father. The fragility and absurdity of life shines through in the mid-shit-gun-shot-slip, but it is how this moment transforms Tulip that is truly important.

Tulip's once sexist father, who was desperate to become the parent of a boy, slowly transformed into a champion for women's rights and, looking through his daughter's eyes, realized women had a pretty rough deal that he had never previously considered.

This loving relationship all ended with such a senseless loss of life, and your heart is really with Tulip as you anticipate what she will discover. Dark stuff.

9. The Final Panel

A perfect end.

Please leave your messages of appreciation for Steve Dillion and his work in the comments below.


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