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Matt Carter

The Welcome Wagon for Independence Day Resurgence has been put on hold, after Fox announced that their alien invasion sequel has been pushed back a year. Originally scheduled to arrive in June 2015, ID4:2/ID Forever/Aliens on a Plane (whatever it will eventually be called) will now be arriving July 1, 2016, which means the sequel lands in theaters exactly 20 years and one day after the original.

It's no surprise that the movie is getting delayed as director has admitted that the project has been hit by script and casting issues. There's still no word on whether original cast members , and will return, while the plan to split the sequel into two parts has now been scrapped.

To be honest, I'd rather get Independence Day 2 a year later if it means we'll get a film of quality and not a rush job. Plus with 2015 already booked solid with some of the biggest blockbusters you're ever likely to lay eyes on, my bank account will be happy if there's one less movie to have to splash the cash for.



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