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Left Films returns to terrorize us once again with its latest release, the highly anticipated feature film The Devil’s Woods, on September 12th. Writer/Director Anthony White made his cinematographic debut with The Devil’s Woods at the internationally renowned IFI Horrorthon last October, with an overwhelming response from genre fans and critics alike.

Described as a visceral, violent, and sometimes emotional rollercoaster ride, The Devil's Woods is a throwback to 1970s Italian horror and such classics as The Wicker Man and Last House on the Left. While it winks at the audience by exploiting some of the backwoods slasher conventions that connoisseurs might appreciate, the film is riddled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Nightmare Fuel: The Inspirations Behind The Devil's Woods

Some of White's inspiration for the film stemmed from his own experience living in rural Ireland. The countryside offered stunning (and spooky) locations that lent themselves perfectly for the concept and played an integral part in the creative process. The isolated woods, an abandoned house, and an old castle in ruins are some of the backdrops for this slasher.

When asked about the challenges he faced when making the film, White stressed the struggles inherent in having a micro-budget, which was the product of crowd-funding efforts. However, he believed that it also encouraged him to try out more resourceful and experimental ideas. Starring Stephen Cromwell (Love/Hate, From The Dark, Red Rock), with outstanding performances by Danielle Keaney, Daniel Mahony, Caoimhe Cassidy, Eoin Quinn and Aoife King, The Devil's Woods is one not to be missed!


The movie follows a group of friends across rural Ireland as their seemingly fun-filled camping weekend quickly spirals down into a bloodcurdling nightmare.

The Devil's Woods is set to be launched on DVD in the United Kingdom and Ireland on September 12th and across VOD platforms.

Stay tuned for news about the upcoming release on The Devil's Woods official Facebook page or pre-order on Amazon.

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