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If you're really, really into Asian horror films, specifically of the ghost of a creepy, long-haired woman variety (is there any other kind in Asia?), then you're in luck, because the first trailer for Indonesian horror flick Chasing the Devil (original title: Mengejar Setan) has been released. It features - you guessed it - the ghost of a wild-haired, dead-eyed ghoul who haunts a couple after they move into a new home.

BONUS: Want the best worst-translated synopsis ever? Here you go:

Andika and Tarina decided to stay in Bandung. After an accident which nearly wrenched their lives together. Someone named Lukman sell an older home that is large enough, because the price is cheap enough Andika agree to buy it.

Andika never realized the old house owner, Jamilah ghost still haunting and terrorize anyone who occupies the old home for revenge on the injustice received during his lifetime. Until in the end the ghost figure enters Tarina.

Because the action of the ghost wife has a wilder, Tarina groans pack Broto, a friend recommended the paranormal also managed to get on terror during a visit to the house.

Pak Broto successfully unravel a mystery which enveloped the body of the mother Jamilah improperly buried in the back yard of the house.

At the end of the story known to Alia gacis Tarina and Andika small child from the beginning is always there with them turned out just imaginary Tarina who can not accept reality, Alia died in a traffic accident that they experience before moving to Melbourne.

So...there's that. Chasing the Devil stars Evan Sanders and Masayu Anastasia and opens overseas on December 19th.

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