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Well, we're finally here — the premiere date of Marvel's Inhumans. Some thought we would never get here, but here we are and it has been a bumpy road for this show. From the very first trailer people were ready to tear this show a new one for its cheap production value, weird-looking effects and uninspired Inhuman designs that look nothing like Jack Kirby's artwork.

Yes, it would seem that this TV series was to be cemented as the worst thing the MCU has produced so far, even potentially worse than Iron Fist. However, what do the actors think of this intense backlash of the show? During a premiere, some of the actors were able to open up about the fan backlash in an interview with Associated Press.

Ken Leung, who portrays Karnak, states that the series is "loosely" based on the comics and that the mixed reception of the show comes from the fans' love of the original source material.

“We are kind of just loosely based on the comics. The source of some of the mixed reactions to the little that people have seen so far [is] that a lot of people love the comics, they have been around for decades and it remains to be seen how people will accept something that is its own iteration of something that’s already beloved.”

Anson Mount, who portrays the silent king of the , Black Bolt, laughed about how the awkwardness of the TCA Q&A was blown out of proportion.

“I think that the quote-on-quote awkwardness at the [TCAs] was blown out of proportions. There was all this news that we ended the Q&A early, which we did not. It was actually scheduled to end at that time. I think people should just see the thing.”

[Credit: ABC Television]
[Credit: ABC Television]

A lot of audiences were quick to compare the show to popular culture phenomenon, Game of Thrones, right down to the casting of Iwan Rheon as Maximus. Sonya Balmores, who portrays Auran, stood up against those allegations and set the record straight.

“There’s some similarities. And we have a very famous Game of Thrones alumni [Iwan Rheon] on our show, so that kind of makes people think about Game of Thrones. But it’s unique.”

So, it would seem that the actors are standing their ground and taking a stand against the haters. Guess we'll have to wait to find out if Inhumans from can rise up from the ashes and prove everyone wrong.

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