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Marvel's is currently filming in Hawaii, and thanks to various set pictures, we've been able to get a peek at certain members of the Inhuman Royal Family, such as Anson Mount's Black Bolt and Isabelle Cornish's Crystal. Now, we have our first look at Serinda Swan as Medusa.

The Hawaii News Reel Twitter page released a new batch of images from the Inhumans set, and they give us our first look at as the legendary Medusa. Take a look:

In the image, Black Bolt and Medusa walk side by side in the middle of a crowd, behind Maximus the Mad. Unfortunately, we only get to see Serinda from behind, but that's enough to get a glimpse at her impressively comic book-accurate long, flaming red hair.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Considering how out-there and imaginative the aesthetic of the Inhumans is on the printed page, it could be considered tough to translate it to live-action. Fortunately, shows us once again its expertise at making the fantastical elements of its source material blend seamlessly with the real world.

Another important thing to note is Black Bolt's attire. When we got our first look at him, something that stood out immediately was the lack of his signature black and white costume. That made us wonder if the show was going for a more realistic approach for its characters by getting rid of the vibrant outfits.

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But going by the images above, it's possible that what he's wearing is his every-day attire, and his butt-kicking superhero suit is his battle armor.

Black Bolt in costume [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Black Bolt in costume [Credit: Marvel Comics]

As for what's going on with them and the people, it's hard to tell. The only discernible detail is that - judging from the garments the crowd is wearing - the scene probably takes place in Attilan.

We're only six months away from the release of Inhumans. The closeness of it, paired with all the set pictures we've been getting makes me wonder, could we be getting our first official look at the the project soon? It's possible. The show will have a theatrical release on IMAX, and seeing how the characters are largely unknown to the general public, the marketing machine shouldn't take long to get going.

What did you think of Medusa's look? Which Inhuman are you most excited to see? Let me know in the comments!


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