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As a horror fan, it is always a fun treat to visit the actual filming locations of some of my favorite horror films. Living in Southern California, I get the luxury of driving by some of my favorite locations on a daily basis. The downside is, these locations are usually someone's actual home and you never get the opportunity to actually go inside and check it out — until now.

Reel Homes: Real Scary, a television special on HGTV that aired a few years back, gives viewers a chance to look inside some of the most iconic film locations to ever grace the silver screen, including: Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Hannibal, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Amityville Horror, The Sixth Sense, The Ring and more.

We also get the chance to hear from some of the homeowners and learn of their experiences when Hollywood comes knocking on the front door. Luckily for us, the full documentary special is available on .

Check Out The Special Below:

The show includes some unique little tidbits from the homeowners of these now iconic properties. You can see how they added an entire facade to the house for The Amityville Horror remake, which was up for sale not too long ago. It is really cool to see how they transformed a normal house into an iconic horror location.

Top: [Credit: Reality Today] / Bottom: [Credit: MGM Films]
Top: [Credit: Reality Today] / Bottom: [Credit: MGM Films]

It's also really interesting to hear the story from the homeowner of the I Know What You Did Last Summer house, who came home one day to find her entire interior painted a different color. Good thing she liked it! A lot of the homeowners have kept the modifications that production made to their homes as a friendly reminder of their unique experience. Heck, I would too! One lucky homeowner even got a signed headshot from Hannibal Lector himself, Anthony Hopkins.

I would kill (pun intended) to have use my place as the filming location for the next big horror movie. So, Hollywood — if you ever need a tiny studio apartment located in the valley — hit me up!

There are plenty of horror locations to be spotted in the video below, so check them out. Be sure to head over to Movie Pilot Video for more horror-related awesomeness.

Which location would you most want to check out? Let me know in the comments below!


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