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Eszter Simor

The Coen Brother's latest folk music drama is a serious Oscar hopeful for CBS films. Inside Llewyn Davis, about a struggling young singer navigating the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961, is both the critics' and an audience favorite.

Not only is the film very well reviewed (94 % on Rotten Tomatoes), it set a record for the writer-director duo at the box office on its opening weekend. As The Wrap reports, it scored $ 402,000 from just four theatres. It means a $100,500 per-screen average, making the debut the Coen's best opening ever. According to the site, the film more than doubled the Coen's previous biggest opening, A Serious Man, with its $41,890 from six theatres in 2009.

’s Blue Jasmine opened only slightly higher with an average $102,011 in six theatres in August.

(source: The Wrap)

Is Inside Llewyn Davis your Oscar hopeful?


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