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A captivating character study of an underdog, marked by its unforgettable soundtrack and Coen Brothers' sharp-tongued dialogue?

Yes, it sounds like an Oscar contender.

From the look of the latest red-band trailer, Inside Llewyn Davis has some classic Coen tropes - and anything Coen brothers is always an event to anticipate, especially if it looks to be one of their finest. Hardly surprising, then, that the movie is one of the year's best-received at Cannes.

The filmmaking duo's new flick, which features the flawed young protagonist Llewyn Davis (), shows that there's nobody who writes or directs quite like and . Their time and effort always shines through. And further proof of that rests in our Inside Llewyn Davis review roundup, putting all that The Great Gatsby revival crap into perspective and citing reactions from a few top critics covering Cannes this year:

The Coens have given us a melancholic, sometimes cruel, often hilarious counterfactual version of music history. It's a what-if imagining of a cultural also-ran that maybe tells us more about the truth than the facts themselves ever could. - Dave Calhoun, Time Out.

The result is a movie that neatly avoids the problems endemic to most period movies - and biopics in particular - in favor of a playful, evocatively subjective reality. - Scott Foundas, Variety.

An outstanding fictional take on the early 1960s folk music scene from the Coen Brothers. - Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter.

The picture is lovingly crafted, eminently watchable, at times even inspired - yet ultimately frustrating. - Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly.

To call Inside Llewyn Davis a minor work doesn't render it any less a pleasure to watch; it's to admit that the film's melancholy depiction of the '60s folk scene in Greenwich Village (and beyond) may only improve in the interim. - William Goss, MSN Movies.

That is, indeed, high praise. So if Inside Llewyn Davis is even a surprise, it's a damn pleasant one. Hopefully the movie reaches stateside theaters this year. Will you be checking out the movie when it surfaces? Let us know, below.


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