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(WARNING: This article contains massive spoilers for Doctor Strange. Continue at your own discretion.)

sent potentially catastrophic ripples through the entirety of the . The Sorcerer Supreme took on massive responsibility, while at the same time defeating an evil that made Thanos look like Sid from . While we were all focusing on the actions of "Mr. Doctor" however, there was another character who, for the vast majority of the movie, had his back.

No, not you, Mordo. Image: Marvel
No, not you, Mordo. Image: Marvel

That's right, I am referring to none other than Doctor Strange's personal mystic artifact, the Cloak of Levitation, which quite literally had the Doctor's back. We're going to explore what this amazing relic's thoughts and feelings were over the course of the film.

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Let's Get To Know The Cloak Of Levitation

At first glance, the Cloak of Levitation may seem like just another mystical artifact that the Ancient One had lying around waiting to "choose" a worthy user. However, there is clearly so much more to this Cloak than that. As demonstrated throughout the course of the film, the Cloak clearly has a mind and personality of its own. It's got a clever side, but it still knows when to put aside the games for the good of the multiverse.

We originally reached out to the Sorcerer Supreme to talk about his relationship with the Cloak, but he told us he was too busy for an interview. Something about hunting down a man named Moriarty. Anyway, we then decided to try scoring a one-on-one chat with the Cloak, and lo and behold, the Cloak was just as excited as we were, though it made us promise the interview would be short so it could get back to protecting its master.

The Cloak, who asked us to be referred to as "Levi" (we're guessing that's short for "Levitation"), said he was overwhelmed by the sudden amount of fame he has received since the film's release:

Yeah, I mean it was crazy. One minute I'm sitting in a glass case watching as the Sanctum goes to the dogs around me thanks to some dude with a super creepy eyeliner job, and the next minute, this guy with a goatee walks up, and I think to myself, "What does HE want?!" Then the case gets opened and boom, the next thing I know, I'm a movie star!

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

Some argue that the Cloak didn't exactly take to Strange at first, and when pressed about the subject, Levi admitted that the two got off to a somewhat rocky start.

We didn't necessarily get off on the right foot. It was more a relationship born of necessity rather than anything else. I mean, the dude walks in wearing a steel eyeball around his neck, ridiculous facial hair, and talking in a clearly forced American accent, and yet somehow, I just instinctively knew that if I didn't take the plunge and help him out, we'd both end up destroyed. Deep down inside, I knew this guy was the one. I just had a good feeling about him.

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

Levi went on to inform us that Strange did not appear grateful for his rescue from Kaecilius's henchman. Levi said that he did everything he knew to do to give Strange the opportunity to defeat the now defenseless villain, but instead, Strange took advantage of his opponent's situation to make himself scarce.

I have no idea where he went. I jumped the guy attacking him, and as I was struggling to keep him pinned down, I glanced up to discover Strange was gone. No thanks, no offer to help, just BOOM, gone. Yeah, you're welcome buddy. See if I ever try to save YOUR life again.

When the two were finally reunited, Levi said he expressed some displeasure when Strange tried to pop his collar.

Who does this guy think he is? He just randomly pops my collar like a second rate Elvis impersonator without even asking for my permission first? I mean c'mon, popped collars are so out of fashion. What is this, the 1960s?! That's why I slapped him in the face. I was trying to knock some sense into him. I don't think it really helped, but it was cathartic.

Seeing that Levi was growing more and more annoyed thinking about it, we moved to a different question: Did Levi ever feel like he was just being used for his power and not because he actually had a real relationship with Strange?

Well, I gotta be honest, there were a few times I thought that, but then he'd dramatically fling me around his shoulders and I'd feel like everything was right in the world for, ya know, about five seconds or so. I think by the time we took down the Big Bad, we'd been through enough together that the two of us had really started to bond.

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

We also pressed Levi for his reaction to Strange getting all the credit for defeating Kaecilius and his boss and never having his own name mentioned once in regards to the events that took place.

I mean, yeah, it'd be nice to maybe get a little recognition and gratitude. I've literally got the guy's back, after all. How much of a better wingman could you ask for? Everyone is quick to talk about Thor's hammer or Cap's shield, but do I get any credit? Nope, and why not? It's because I'm just flying fabric. Superhero capes have been looked down upon for years, and I shouldn't expect one single multiverse-spanning battle to change that.

Before Levi took off to help Doctor Strange in some kind of battle on the astral plane, he gave a final message to his loyal fanbase, whom he referred to as "Cloakers."

I want to express my thanks to all my supporters that have sent me letters of encouragement, love, and magical incantations to increase my power throughout this whole crazy fiasco. My team-up with Doctor Strange is a new beginning for us both, and I'm thrilled to see what the future has in store. Oh, and to the guy who sent me the DIY sewing kit, you just moved to the top of my hit list. You're welcome.

Cloak Game= Strong. Image: Marvel
Cloak Game= Strong. Image: Marvel

It was great to get a chance to chat it up with the Cloak of Levitation. It was also a huge privilege that he took precious time away from his master to grant us this interview. Hopefully, this interview has shed some light on who the real MVP of Doctor Strange was. We look forward to seeing more of the Cloak of Levitation in the future, most likely starting with , and hopefully in a cameo during .

Was the Cloak of Levitation the real hero of Doctor Strange? Comment below!


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