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The dynamic duo of director and writer-actor have been a blood-soaked, hair-raising horror team since they broke onto the scene with Saw back in 2004, and virtually every project they've worked on, whether collaboratively or separately, has been a success.

Their latest team up, Insidious: Chapter 2, has succeeded beyond anyone's expectations and absolutely destroyed the box office during its opening weekend last weekend. In fact, so successful has it been that it brought in a $41 million haul over the Friday the 13th weekend, making it the second highest grossing film opening ever in the traditionally sluggish month of September (second only to Hotel Transylvania, which opened to $42.5 million last year). Not only that, it's the second highest grossing horror film of 2013, period. And the first? None other than Wan's other surprise hit, The Conjuring, which, coincidentally, also starred .

Insidious 2 scoring so big is also a boon for production house Blumhouse. Along with the Insidious sequel, this is now the second microbudget horror film that Blumhouse has backed (the other being The Purge) that has gone on to earn over $30 million in theaters in the last few months. With combined budgets of just $8 million, the two films together have earned over $65 million on their opening weekends alone, a staggeringly huge return on investment.

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