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Mark Newton

At some point in cinema history, the release of a trailer became so important that we now have trailers for trailers. Basically, it's Trailerception.

That's exactly what happened for the Insidious 2, as director and writer Leigh Whannel have arrived to tease the highly anticipated June 5th release of the Insidious 2 trailer. Get excited about the Insidious 2 trailer below:


Okay, so it didn't really say much. In fact, it was basically an advertisement for Apple Trailers, but at least it adds to the excitement forming around the sequel to one of 2012's standout horror films.

Despite what they say, you can see the Insidious 2 trailer RIGHT HERE on Moviepilot when it breaks on June 5th.

Want to get even more excited for it? Well check our super-special Insidious 2 coverage in the links below:

What do you think? Will Insidious 2 continue the quality established by the first movie? Let us know below.


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