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The biggest Oscars snub of this past year was obviously getting passed over for the Best Director category. The second-biggest snub, however, might have been Pietà failing to qualify for the Best Foreign Language Film category. The Korean crime drama and psycho-sexual thriller made the rounds on the awards scene, beating out The Master for the grand prize at last year's Venice Film Festival.

The movie is finally getting a North American release thanks to Drafthouse Films. Directed by , the movie is intense, graphic, and disturbing. And hey, guess what? We have a trailer:

Intriguing? Here's the synopsis:

In this intense and haunting story, a loan shark living an isolated and lonely existence uses brutality to threaten and collect paybacks from desperate borrowers for his moneylender boss. He proficiently and mercilessly collects the debts without regard to the pain he causes his countless victims. One day, a mysterious woman appears in front of him claiming to be his long-lost mother. After coldly rejecting her at first, he gradually accepts her in his life and decides to quit his cruel job and seek a decent, redemptive life. However, he soon discovers a dark secret stemming from his past and realizes it may be too late to escape the horrific consequences already set in motion from his previous life.

Check out the awesome Mondo poster for the movie below.

The film is not for the faint of heart, featuring, among other scenes, brutal scenes of violence, rape, incest, animal slaughter (guaranteed PETA will be raging about this one), and apparently the "ingestion of disgusting objects." I'm...not sure I want to know about that last one. But if you're into that stuff (or if you're ), you can see it in theaters on May 17th.


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