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So, uh, hey, the 2017 Oscars Best Picture category, huh?

For those of you who aren't Academy Awards junkies, you may have missed tonight's historic fuckup in announcing the Best Picture award when Warren Beatty announced that had won the most coveted prize of the night.

The cast and crew got on stage, started giving their thanks...only to be stopped halfway through and informed that the award had actually gone to . Turns out, Beatty had been handed the wrong card, one from the previously announced category of Best Actress, and, well...yeah. It got real awkward, real quick.

But as embarrassing and painful as it was for everyone involved, at least we could count on the internet to bring us some hilarious reactions and hot takes, because that's what the internet does best.

Even Directors Were Cracking Jokes About It

Of Course Political Jokes Were Too Good To Pass Up

To The Just Plain Funny

Ryan Gosling Got Love, Obviously

Too Soon, Man. Too Soon.

But all jokes aside, it's phenomenal what Moonlight achieved tonight. A stunning movie.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

And Just To Sum It All Up...

, y'all. Oscars 2017.


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