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They say that singing about heartache is a surefire way to a singing career, I mean, where would Taylor Swift be without her many exes? While the heart of Usher Raymond IV, a.k.a. Usher to many, may belong to Grace Miguel, his early songs seemed to be aimed at a certain someone.

Digging deeper into the meaning of his songs, fans have long searched for who the "boo" is from his song "My Boo" and tried to find this mythical woman.

Knock Knock, Boo's There?

Search no longer, gentle readers, the mystery has been solved some 13 years after we opened Pandora's Box. Twitter user @abneycamryn took to social media to say that her sister, Jade, used to date Usher in high school.

So, is this the "boo" who Usher's early music is written about?

Teaming up with Alicia Keys in 2004, the song became the 36th best-selling song from the noughties and was the third most-successful song on his album Confessions. With a great dollop of '00s nostalgia, it is safe to say that the internet is losing its sh*t over the revelation like we have discovered some long-missing relative:

It also randomly led to a tell-all confessional of people who have dated some other famous faces:

With lyrics like "do you remember, girl? I was the one who gave you your first kiss," it certainly sounds like Usher was singing with someone in particular in mind. While we don't expect Jade to sell her story to the papers, here's guessing that she is kicking herself that she isn't Mrs. Raymond. Oh well, you live and learn. Some even suggested that she hit up Usher now and rekindle their romance, but it certainly proves the six degrees of separation.

Check out "My Boo" and don't forget our poll below!


So, is "My Boo" about Jade?


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