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So, as far as we know we've yet to be visited by extra-terrestrial intelligent life. Is it because no such life exists? Is it because the vastness of space is simply too large to traverse? Or is i because we're just a bunch of psychopathic, violent douchebags?

A new video created by writer and video-maker Tom Scott suggests it might be the latter option. He's created an interstellar warning video which highlights humanity's various flaws for the benefit of passing space tourists. The video, provided by the Interstellar Safety Council raises such issues as our violent, competitive nature, our tendency to devour other sentient beings and our inability to live without oxygen (our one apparent weakness). Check out the video below:


This is actually pretty satirical stuff. We always assume aliens will come down to Earth and start vaporizing us with their death rays, but what about if we're actually the most violent and aggressive species in the cosmos? Except for the Klingons, obviously.

Of course, interstellar travel has always fascinated modern humans, so much so that is going to make a movie about it. Aptly, he's decided to name it Interstellar which is both convenient and sensible. Nice one Chris.

And that completes my attempt to tenuously link this video to a movie!

What do you think? Will humans ever achieve interstellar travel in our life times? Give me your opinions below.

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