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It's safe to assume that if you fancy yourself a cinephile or horror genre buff, you are already familiar with the bizarre and blood-splattered workings of everyone's favorite pasty, Irishman director Joe Lynch. If your bells still aren't ringing to the sound of this stud's name, they sure-as-shit are about to be.

Some of his most notable titles include his directorial credits on Takashi Miike-inspired thriller Everly, as well as the second installment in the popular inbred, backwoods horror franchise Wrong Turn. Popular titles aside, zealous fans have been on board the Lynch-train since horror-spoof anthology Chillerama ('Zom-B-Movie' segment director) and beloved fan (as well as this writer's) favorite Fearnet sitcom series, Holliston.

With big things on the horizon, I sat down with Lynch to talk about his latest film Mayhem (featuring Samara Weaving of Netflix's The Babysitter and Steven Yeun from AMC's The Walking Dead), his love for B-horror and the highly anticipated return of Holliston and more, in this hilariously NSFW exclusive.

Do I have your bells ringing now? They should be.

Rachael Rumancek's Exclusive Interview With Filmmaker Joe Lynch

Mayhem will be in theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on Friday, November 10th.

For further updates on all of his endeavors, follow Joe Lynch on his official Twitter and stay tuned in with his weekly Geek Nation podcast "The Movie Crypt," with fellow Holliston star, Adam Green.

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