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Into The Badlands is one of the hottest shows on TV, with great writing, dozens of wonderful characters played by fantastic actors, and by far the best fight scenes on the small screen. Season 2 is well underway, with only 2 episodes left of the 10-episode season. As you probably already know, Season 3 has been confirmed by AMC, and it's coming back as a huge 16-episode season!

Before we get excited for Season 3, we need to talk about Season 2 and what's going down. We've got our hands on an exclusive clip from the next episode of Into The Badlands, 'Nightingale Signs No More.' This awesome clip shows a fight between The Widow (Emily Beecham) and Tilda (Alexia Ioannides).

How awesome was that? I got a chance to watch that whole scene being filmed late last year. Season 2 of Into The Badlands is shot in my native country of Ireland, and when the opportunity arose to watch the crew shoot one of AMC's best shows, I couldn't turn it down.

It was amazing to watch the two actors, Beecham and Ioannides, film this intricate and well-choreographed scene. One little jump or step would take about half an hour to perfect, and the actors used great patience and understanding to get the scene right. When I spoke to Emily Beecham about the excellent martial arts in the show, she said:

"[it] was a massive challenge, I've always actually wanted to do some action" She went on to say "It was amazing working with the Hong Kong team and the Hong Kong style"

Into The Badlands continues this week on AMC for the final two episodes. Be sure to follow my page for future updates on Into The Badlands-related content!


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