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So the TV event of the year is finally over — Sorry Westworld — and somehow, The CW's 4-way crossover actually managed to exceed all expectations, juggling a huge ensemble of beloved characters in the most thrilling comic book story ever seen on TV.

Understandably then, fans are already geeking out of their minds in anticipation of the next crossover. While there have been rumblings that Constantine may return to Arrow, we know for a fact that the Flash and will team up once again in a musical episode, although we've still been left in the dark as to when this will take place.

Worlds Collide

Whether Barry and Kara sing their hearts out by the end of this season or the next though, this certainly won't be the last we've seen of The CW's epic 4-way crossovers, especially now that Cisco has made it even easier for Supergirl to travel between her world and Earth 1.

In the past, and Cisco had to initiate inter-dimensional travel to Kara's planet using their respective abilities. However, now that Ramone has given Supergirl a special device — catchily called an inter-dimensional extrapolator — characters from the Kryptonian's world can now freely travel to the Arrowverse, including someone's super famous and actually rather attractive cousin...

Superman V Green Arrow: Dawn Of Ass Whupping

In terms of the narrative, it made total sense for Kara to travel to Earth 1 alone during this year's crossover event. After all, The CW were already juggling a rather large and ambitious ensemble, so throwing more characters into the mix would have dramatically altered the flow of these four episodes.

Saying that though, we still couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed that Supergirl's cast didn't play a huge role in 'Heroes V Aliens' and we weren't the only ones. However, now that the Arrowverse heroes are aware of Supergirl and her abilities, future crossovers could easily add Kara's extended family to the proceedings, throwing together fan favorites such as Winn Schott and Alex Danvers in whole new settings. Imagine the geek extravaganza that could unfold if Winn teamed up with Felicity and Cisco or the sparks that would fly between Alex and Sara Lance.

While it would be thrilling for fans of all four Arrowverse shows to see the cast of Supergirl join a future crossover, the one encounter we would look forward to most is a confrontation between Tyler Hoechlin's and the Green . Oliver Queen has already demonstrated his dislike for aliens, and while the vigilante began to deal this brave, new world by the end of Invasion, we certainly can't imagine Superman accepting Ollie's lethal methods without some resistance.

Why Would Superman And The Cast Of Supergirl Travel To Earth 1?

Supergirl [Credit: The CW/Entertainment Weekly]
Supergirl [Credit: The CW/Entertainment Weekly]

Although the Dominators were defeated by the end of the 'Invasion' crossover, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently revealed that the alien race would return in Supergirl's world later this season, which means that these enemies exist in both Earth 1 (Arrow, The Flash) and Earth 38 (Supergirl).

When the Dominators of Earth 38 attack Supergirl, we wouldn't be surprised if the Man of Steel flew by to lend a hand, as their appearance would threaten not just National City, but the entire world. If that's the case, then Kara and Superman's expertise in fighting these aliens would be extremely useful to the inhabitants of Earth 1, when the Dominators will inevitably return one day.

While it's unlikely that we'll see the aliens try to invade Earth 1 again for some time, it's worth bearing in mind that at the end of the crossover, the Dominators weren't defeated entirely and now hold a grudge against the likes of The Flash and Green Arrow. At the risk of repeating the same tropes as 'Invasion', The CW may wish to bring the aliens back to the Arrowverse one day and if that's the case, the likes of Superman, Martian Manhunter and Alex Danvers could help join the fight alongside Earth 1's mightiest heroes.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]
DC's Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]

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As little is known yet about the upcoming musical episode that will reunite Kara with The Flash, there's a chance that this will be the moment when some members of Supergirl's cast interact with the rest of the Arrowverse, but failing that, we shall keep our fingers crossed for a full-on crossover starring Superman himself when the annual event returns next year.


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