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When you think about the average librarian, you might imagine a stern, older woman, glaring over her glasses and constantly shushing patrons. And while that could be accurate for the librarians of yesteryear, that couldn't be farther from the truth for the librarians at the Invercargill City Library in New Zealand.

The librarians — who are no strangers to going viral with their social media antics — have seen massive success after their latest Facebook post recreated the Kardashian cover of The Hollywood Reporter in "a totally impromptu, definitely not planned, photo-shoot." Check it out:

Nope, doesn't look staged or well planned at all!

Speaking about the success of their latest post — which has racked up over 500,000 views — digital and communications manager Bonnie Mager (a.k.a. Kylie Jenner) told Newshub the team's goal was "for people to realize that we're still here ... We're fun; we're not old ladies with buns who are going to tell you off for talking too loud."

While the vast majority of the post's commenters have praised the bunch for the hilarious idea, naturally there was always bound to be a few haters in the bunch. But, luckily the library team proved that their comebacks are just as spicy as their content.

[Credit: Facebook/invlibrary]
[Credit: Facebook/invlibrary]

After one person commented "Who is the idiot paying six people to run social media for a library in Invercargill," the social media team replied, "Actually the 6 of us do social media on top of our actual jobs. We aren't hired to do it all. We do it because we love our library and we don't think that's idiotic at all."

Meanwhile, after another person commented "Haven't you got something better to do guys?Pathetic in my opinion," the library shot back, "Promoting our library to a new generation? We don't think there is much better we can do Gail. Unless you think Libraries aren't worth promoting?"

Sorry, Gail, it's pretty hard to argue with that!

As mentioned earlier, this parody is just the latest in a long line of hot content from the library's social media team, and if Keeping Up With The Librarians has piqued your interest, here's some more gold from the Invercargill City Library and Archives:

Synchronized Stacking

Released during the 2016 Olympics, the lads from the library attempt to get the sport of synchronized stacking included in the 2020 games.

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One man is left with an important decision to make: Which book will receive his final rose?

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Who knew there was portion of society writing mean tweets about librarians!?

Lightsaber Duels

Alright, so maybe there is a time and place for some library shushing...

To see more from the Invercargill City Library and Archives be sure to like them on Facebook.

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