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We’re still a couple of weeks away from the Winter premiere of and anticipation is building to a fever pitch. There is crazy speculation about ’s ominous vision of the future — one will die, one will betray you, and one will suffer a fate worse than death:

Fans of the comic know that Iris was killed by the Reverse Flash during a costume party by vibrating his hand through her head. Eventually, Barry learns that Iris was merely adopted by the Wests and is in actuality from the 30th century. Barry would spend a month with her in this time before rushing off to save everyone in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

So what does this mean for the television show? Well, quite a bit actually. And I think that Barry and the gang may even bring some of the other shows along for the ride.

Barry Goes Missing During The 'Crisis'

Image [Credit Warner Bros.]
Image [Credit Warner Bros.]

Season 1 established that in the future there would indeed be a crisis and that it would in some way reflect its comic counterpart with the red skies. It also mentioned Bruce Wayne existing in the , but we’re taking baby steps here. The Flash is great at taking existing storylines and changing them just slightly so that old time fans can get just as much enjoyment as newcomers to the mythos.

The majority of storylines that the producers have cherry-picked have been from the Wally West era of the flash. Zoom, The Black Flash and Savitar were all foils to the ginger scarlet speedster. So it will be refreshing to see them explore more Barry Allen storylines. Of course, instead of Reverse Flash killing Iris, she will meet her fate at the hands of Savitar (the end results can be the same).

Iris Is A Legend In Her Own Time

Image [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Image [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Iris West actually hails from the 30th century, a time famous for being inspired by the current superheroes. Depending on the era of DC Comics you grew up on, the Legion of Superheroes were inspired by the young exploits of the Man of Steel. Later iterations would say that they were inspired by Mon-El, a Daxamite with similar powers and slightly different weaknesses as Kryptonians who went under the moniker of Valor.

Mon-El, of course, is a key player in on Earth 38. We also got a glimpse of a Legion ring in a previous episode. Iris West is also responsible for a legacy of heroes such as the Tornado Twins, Bart Allen a.k.a. Impulse/Kid Flash II and more specifically XS, who is a member of the Legion of Superheroes.

It Could Take Another Massive Crossover To Tell The Story

Image [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Image [Credit: Warner Bros.]

While the Flash Is responsible for the ! storyline, Iris could be a reason to start the next epic storyline. The could be responsible for bringing future Iris into the present in order to fix a time aberration. It is the most logical explanation, as Iris herself can’t time travel on her own and would have been an infant at the time, so some one had to get her there. The legends' sole purpose is to police the timeline, and with them chasing Eobard Thawne around, they are no strangers to dealing with Flash continuity.

Final Thoughts

All of this speculation will be naught in a few weeks as we will soon have our answers. Having that said, all the clues that Savitar dropped could entirely be the ravings of a lunatic. Can we take anything he says at face value? The man is delusional enough to call himself the "God of Motion." Iris being killed and found in the future is a bit far fetched but has basis in the comics. To the best of my knowledge, Candace Patton has no plans to leave the show (Thank God), so there much be some way that team Flash will save the plucky reporter with a heart of gold. However, with a changed future headline it's not looking to good for Iris West — at least in this timeline.

Who do you think will die in the second half of the season? Sound off in the comments below!


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