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Season 1 of Iron Fist had to endure a barrage of negative reviews, yet Marvel's latest Netflix show has still proved to be a knockout with viewers. While Iron Fist is currently trying to wrap its chi around a dismal critics approval rating of 16%, fans ultimately followed their own path, giving Danny Rand's first MCU appearance a score of 86%. Does this mean that Season 2 of Iron Fist won't be made?

In comparison, the rest of impressed with a rating of 90%+ in each of their debut seasons, which has left with something of a conundrum. After all, such poor figures would likely lead to cancellation if Iron Fist had aired on . However, has already committed fully to the future of Danny Rand, casting as a core member on The Defenders before anyone had even seen a snippet of Iron Fist footage.

Iron Fist [Credit: Netflix]
Iron Fist [Credit: Netflix]

There's also a strong possibility that Iron Fist may have been written into the sophomore seasons of and Luke Cage, as well as the third instalment of and its spin-off show starring . Clearly then, there's no way that Marvel can just send Danny Rand back to the mystical city of K'un-Lun for another 15 years, whether they want to or not. How then can Marvel appease fans and critics alike in Season 2 of Iron Fist?

Danny Rand & Luke Cage Should Form Heroes For Hire In Season 2 Of 'Iron Fist'

Heroes For Hire [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Heroes For Hire [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Following the cancellation of his own comic book series, Iron Fist struck up a friendship with in the comics, leading to the formation of a company named Heroes for Hire, Inc. Founded by attorney Jeryn Hogarth, the partnership saw the two heroes fight crime for cash in an attempt to keep their P.I. business afloat.

Later versions of the team would cast a wide net during the recruitment process, enlisting everyone from Ant-Man and the Punisher to even Spider-Man — but Colleen Wing and Misty Knight played a key role in almost every iteration of the series, naming themselves the Daughters of The Dragon. Wing already called herself exactly that in Season 1 of Iron Fist, and she's quickly become a firm fan-favorite. Just imagine how incredible it would be to see her fight alongside Misty Knight and a newly-fitted bionic arm. The stuff that comic book fanboy dreams are made of.

Check out Iron Fist's Colleen Wing in action below:

Now that these four key players have all debuted in the MCU, it would make perfect sense to combine them all into one show called Heroes For Hire. After all, The Defenders are unlikely to stick together once their show ends this summer, due to both personality clashes and budgetary restrictions. However, we wouldn't be surprised if Iron Fist and Luke Cage remain friends, working together in Season 2 of their respective shows, continuing the legacy set by decades of comic book material.

What Do Colleen Wing And The Defenders Think Of This Dynamic?

Iron Fist [Credit: Netflix]
Iron Fist [Credit: Netflix]

During an interview with IGN, stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick shared their thoughts on how this iconic duo will interact in The Defenders:

Henwick: “The first Luke Cage [and] Iron Fist is going to — oh, people are going to love it. Yeah, it’s a really cool dynamic. It’s unusual.”

Jones: “The Cage and Iron Fist stuff is working really well."

Will Iron Fist and Luke Cage test their strength against one another, fighting in a classic comic book mix-up? Unfortunately, Jones simply said that we'll "have to wait and see."

Luke Cage [Credit: Netflix]
Luke Cage [Credit: Netflix]

It certainly sounds as though the two will clash to start with though, especially if EW's interview with Mike Colter is anything to go by:

“[Danny Rand's] a young guy. There’s an exuberance that Iron Fist comes with that Luke Cage wants to temper a bit. It can’t help but have a wisdom-versus-youth quality... Danny comes out like a bull in a china shop in some ways, and I think Luke has seen the world and knows certain things. It’s a cool combination that’ll work out.”

If Marvel utilize the Heroes For Hire dynamic in Season 2 of Iron Fist, throwing in extra helpings of The Daughters of the Dragon while they're at it, this winning formula basically writes itself.

Here's Who The Heroes For Hire Will Fight In 'Iron Fist' Season 2

Season 1 of Iron Fist ended with Davos whispering in Joy's ear, claiming that he can help the Meachums by killing Danny once and for all. While their relationship developed rather quickly on the show, the future Steel Serpent and villainous Meachum family share a long history in the comics, working together to defeat the Iron Fist.

Steel Serpent [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Steel Serpent [Credit: Marvel Comics]

It sure does seem as though Marvel has plans for Davos, setting him up as a future big bad for Iron Fist. After all, every time Danny opened his mouth, you could almost see Davos physically tipping over to the dark side through a mixture of jealousy and resentment.

Understandably, there was a lot of speculation that Davos could take on The Defenders themselves during their first team-up. While it turns out that this won't be the case, actor Sacha Dawan did reveal to the Radio Times that he could instead appear in Iron Fist, Season 2:

“I’m not in The Defenders, no. The crux of Danny and Davos’ story I think really begins towards the end of season 1, and I think they didn’t want to start it straight away into The Defenders, and wanted to save it for [Iron Fist Season 2].”

Season 2 eh? It's important to bear in mind that this isn't official confirmation that Iron Fist will return for a sophomore outing. Netflix have renewed each of their Marvel shows to date, but the announcement usually arrives a few weeks after the first season airs, so things remain up in the air for now. Having said that, this is the closest we have come to confirmation so far and the fan response to Iron Fist has been far more positive than anyone could have predicted.

Iron Fist [Credit: Netflix]
Iron Fist [Credit: Netflix]

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Of course, there's a chance that Iron Fist could be the first Marvel Netflix show to bow out after just one season. However, if the last Defender's solo venture is renewed, then Heroes For Hire is clearly the best way to go, despite Cage's protestations to the contrary:

"I'm not for hire. But you have my word, ma'am. I've got you."


Should Iron Fist form Heroes For Hire In Season 2?

(Source — EW, IGN, Radio Times. Poll Image Credit: Netflix)


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