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Unlike Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the side of the MCU has been more subtle when it comes to mentioning the larger superhero universe. Other than occasional references such as "the green guy", or "the incident" (referring to The Avengers' Battle of New York), more significant are quite tough to find. Naturally, that lack of connective tissue has led fans to posit some considerably out-there theories.

For any fans out there eager to find deeper connections between both sides of the superhero universe, one Netflix series had a hidden reference to a significant tights-wearer: . Which episode drops the reference, you might desperately ask?

The Spider-Man Easter Egg In 'Iron Fist'

[Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix]
[Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix]

Unfortunately, it's the Italian version of the show. During one of the first episodes in the season, Danny Rand follows Ward Meachum into Harold Meachum's apartment to know what his former friend's been up to.

Because of the tight security, Danny climbs the building from the outside. But his plan doesn't work, because Ward notices him and makes him fall a few stories down. The father-son duo then take the hero to their apartment. Once there, Ward discusses the stunt with Danny. And that's when our Spidey Easter Egg creeps in.

In the original English version, Ward uses Daredevil as an example of his climbing shenanigans. The Italian dub though, took one significant creative liberty with that line. In that version, Ward compares to Spider-Man:

Now, let's be clear, this was just a dubbed version of the dialogue, and therefore doesn't signal anything huge in regard to a much-awaited MCU/Netflix crossover. But it would have been, without a doubt a fun addition to the original version of the scene. Spidey is a young hero in the , so an acknowledgment of him garnering recognition around New York would have been amazing.

Now, you may be surprised to hear, this kind of Easter Egg isn't an isolated situation:

This Is Not The First Dubbed Easter Egg In The MCU

[Credit: Universa+l
[Credit: Universa+l

Believe it or not, contained a very similar Easter Egg thanks to - you guessed it - a different dubbing. After Hulk defeats Abomination, Betty Ross convinces him not to kill him. So instead, the green guy kicks his now defeated opponent toward General Ross. If you see the film in Spanish, General Ross says this after having Abomination at his feet:

"Tell Fury to put him in the vault."

At the time, that Easter Egg was really significant, because other than the post-credits scene in 2008's , Nick Fury hadn't yet really been a presence in the MCU.

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I don't know about you, but after watching that scene, I'm even more excited by the prospect of the Netflix and movie sides of the universe colliding at some point in the near future—maybe even as soon as ? Let's just hope it happens eventually.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.


Would you have liked the Spider-Man reference to be in the original version of 'Iron Fist'?


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