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Iron Fist was the worst-reviewed piece of entertainment to come from the in its nine years of existence. Whether it was for the casting, poor action sequences, or weak storyline, people had a problem with it. Such a struggle was understandably a disappointing situation for fans who were eagerly hoping Danny Rand would get a surefire second season just like all of his fellow Defenders.

Well, none of us saw this coming, but there is light in the darkness after all. Iron Fist just became the most popular show out of all the Netflix series.

Now, aside from a few exceptions, doesn't typically release its content's data. Fortunately, a third party website known as Parrot Analytics calculates the shows' ratings and releases them to the public. And it's thanks to them that we know about Danny Rand's success on the small screen. In case you have a hard time with the system PA uses, let me break it down for you.

Here's How Their Ratings System Works

The site calculates the overall ratings through two stages. First, by focusing on only positive Internet chatter prior to release. Basically, it gathers "demand expressions" which are people sharing their excitement to watch a show. In Iron Fist's case, it was a remarkably positive experience.

The demand expressions for the series beat fellow superheroes Daredevil and Jessica Jones' by 40,188,792 and 12,329,822 million respectively. While it stayed behind Luke Cage by a mere 5,855,042 million.

[Credit: Parrot Analysis]
[Credit: Parrot Analysis]

The second stage in their calculation consists on tracking the show's demand after release and over time. In this instance, was the most popular MCU series, with an astounding 62,049,154 overall demand expressions, compared to Luke Cage's 7,055,060, Daredevil's 6,737,695 and Jessica Jones' 4,813,930.

[Credit: Parrot Analysis]
[Credit: Parrot Analysis]

Those are definitely great numbers. But that begs the question...

What Does This Mean For The Future Of Danny Rand?

[Credit: Netflix/Marvel]
[Credit: Netflix/Marvel]

The usual course of action for a success like Iron Fist's would be greenlighting a new season right away, as we saw happen with the previous MCU shows. Unfortunately, in this case, it's hard to tell. You see, despite how well the show is doing in popularity, it still had a long time of negative buzz, and the reality is that that wasn't just from critics, but also from fans, before and after the series' release.

There's an uncertainty that comes with negative criticism: It can bring a project publicity, but it can also sink it. The lead-up to release was a tough period for Netflix and Marvel. Especially for the latter, who has a pretty great track record when it comes to superhero content.

So, taking into account that nail-biting success/failure uncertainty, Marvel may be hesitant to give Danny Rand another shot at a solo spotlight... But panic not, that's not to say Iron Fist will not get a second season.

will be released later this year. And how well-received the already introduced characters are in their first team-up could dictate where they go in the future. The thing is, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil all have new seasons lined up. So Marvel will most likely be focusing on how the public responds to Danny Rand on his second live-action outing.

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If the reception is good, there's no doubt in my mind they'll get working on a second season. After all, his first season has proved to be popular among audiences. And going by the "over-time" demand, its popularity is not entirely based on the controversy and the possible boost that comes with it. So the martial arts expert definitely has the chance to make a success out of his potential second season.

Would you like Iron Fist to get a second season? If you do, what would you be interested in seeing? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Inverse]


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