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Before I begin, lets start with a very basic infographic. Actually it's not an infographic at all, it's just the definition of a word according to google and its affiliates. That word is: Everything in this article will be conjecture. I'm somewhat of an expert in the field as I've had training in the subject matter since I was very young. When my parents told me I was adopted I naturally assumed that I was a starchild sent to protect the human race. My life just sort of went on from there.

Today's piece of conjecture comes to us via who in recent weeks have been asserting that in Tony Stark's next cinematic adventure, he will bust out the big guns.

Specifically, his Hulkbuster armor.

The term Hulkbuster might not mean much to some, but to others it means a whole lot. First conceived by Tony Stark as an add-on to his Mark 11 armor, the Hulkbuster was an exoskeleton that could turn the sprightly Iron Man into a lumbering death machine. Stark created the outfit specifically to combat a rampaging Hulk; it had mixed results.

When it's fully suited up and ready to take down a deranged Bruce Banner it looks a lot like this: initially called their story a rumor and didn't place too much stock in the idea as normally these things are spoiled by toys being released too early or by recently fired members of Marvel. This info came from an anonymous tipster, which obviously makes its validity highly suspect.

Except, scraps have been appearing all over the internet that suggest there could be more than a grain of truth here. Just last week posted CONCEPT ART of the Hulkbuster armor which they claim is utterly real. It certainly looked the part but unfortunately I can't show it to you now since the studio requested it be taken down. It's probably not real either except... the studio requested it be taken down. Generally, Marvel isn't too bothered about false rumors being spread around the internets since it's good publicity for a movie that might end up sucking (this one won't). The only time they want material removed is if it's damaging for the product (see: Beyonce) or if someone hit the nail slap bang on the head. Check out the censored post here .

Finally Bleeding Cool is reporting a sketchy run-down of the next Iron Man 3 trailer which will be released with Oz The Great and Powerful. In their detailed and interesting description of the teaser they describe a scene towards the end of the trailer where Stark bursts through a wall wearing, you guessed it, the Hulkbuster armor. Check out their full trailer description here.


Holy Stark! This is seems more than a rumor now, add the banned concept art to the trailer description and you have yourself some genuinly exciting stuff.

Therefore, we can take this incomplete and possibly false information and create a little scenario that could be described as conjecture. Yes, conjecture, but logically reasoned conjecture nonetheless.

With this new piece of (shaky) information we can reasonably assume that The Incredible Hulk could have a place in Iron Man 3. Yes, , and the rest of Marvel's brain trust have steadfastly denied any upcoming movies featuring the break-out star of The Avengers but only last month did the rumor of a planet Hulk story emerge.

Planet Hulk? That's where Stark (and others) throw Hulk into space. Because he's rampaging. See where I'm going here? Perhaps the next wave of post-credit stings in Marvels upcoming Phase 2 of movies will all lead to The Avengers turning against Hulk or at least taking precautions. Precautions that could spill over into all out war by the time The Avengers 2 comes rolling around.

I don't see an all out war between Stark and Banner happening in Iron Man 3 but we did see the two riding off together into the sunset at the end of The Avengers. Remember this?

The two nerds have at least hung out once or twice since the events of New York. Who's to say that Stark didn't notice a few disturbing trends in his new friend's lifestyle and began construction on a super secret set of armor.

Perhaps in lieu of an actual Hulk vs Iron Man battle scene we're going to see the lead up to it? My prediction for the post credits sting? Nick Fury arrives to tell Stark that Banner has lost control and he needs to suit up to take him out. Stark's response? "I have just the suit."

All my speculation and rampant conjecture is my own, I need no help in formulating nonsense like this. Like I said, it just comes naturally.

So what do you good people think? Could Hulk make an appearance in Iron Man 3?


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