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Matt Carter

Could Iron Man 3 become a bigger commercial hit than the money-making behemoth that was The Avengers? It could be a real possibility after the movie did great business at the international box office, raking in a mightily impressive $193.5 million from 42 territories.

The Avengers "only" managed to bring in [$185 million from the international markets](, but then went on to break tons of box office records domestically, earning a record $207 million in its opening weekend and $1.5 billion in total. If you compare that with _Iron Man 2's opening weekend haul of $128 million and the fact The Avengers actually earned more money than the first two Shellhead movies combined, Tony Stark and friends are going to have to go great guns domestically if they are going to reign supreme as box office kings.

Have you guys been lucky enough to catch Iron Man 3 in theaters? If so, do you think it will be a bigger commercial success than The Avengers?



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