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Some fans like spoilers. Others think giving away spoilers is an offense punishable by death. That's why I'm going to cover my butt here and tell you straight-up that this article contains a lot of spoilers, so if you don't want to know things, DON'T KEEP READING. STOP. SERIOUSLY.

[[spoiler]] But if you want to keep reading, Clarence Tsui over at The Hollywood Reporter wrote a great article on the legendary Chinese actor and what it was like to work on the Iron Man 3 set. The article was written from an interview with Wang from the press conference held for the movie in Beijing this past weekend.

Wang will be playing the role of Dr. Wu, a completely new character not from the comic books who is a scientist and a friend of Tony Stark's () from his past. Wang says the character is a complicated man:

It's not a character which exists in the original comic series and he's a very complicated individual: he's at once a specialist in Chinese medicine and Western medicine, but also a scientist and someone who has an in-depth knowledge of ancient Chinese culture.

It was apparently that complicated aspect, and the fact that Dr. Wu once saved Tony's life that initially attracted Wu to the role:

It's a very challenging role. I don't get a lot of scenes, but you have to convince viewers that [Stark and Wu] are friends from way back. It's not like in other films when you can get to show that through a lot of interaction between the characters.

According to the article, Stark and Wu only meet twice in the film, once in the present and once in flashback. To further complicate matters, the actor only speaks Chinese on screen, which means the ability to create believable screen chemistry was even more vital for Wang.

And will his character be in a sequel? He certainly isn't ruling it out:

Even the bosses were very concerned about whether we could sound like friends when we speak in different languages. What they would want is to develop [Dr Wu] if there's a fourth installment—because after all, it's him who propped Stark up when he's in his most difficult time.

So there you have it, folks. A mystery character who has been partially revealed. What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Don't care either way? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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