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Iron Man 3 director has revealed that the first cut of the movie came in at a butt-numbingly long three hours and fifteen minutes and that he managed to trim it down to more manageable one hour and fifty minutes. However, it could well be the material that didn't even make it off the script page onto film that is potentially the most interesting. Talking to Empire, Black revealed that an early draft of the movie contained a sex scene between Pepper Potts () and the villainous Aldrich Killian (), admitting:

Pepper in one draft slept with Killian because he was so pheremonally enhanced with this Extremis that she couldn’t resist him, and she was angry at Tony, so she sleeps with Killian, and then he makes a sex tape and broadcasts it in Home Depot.

WTF? We knew there would be a "love rectangle" in the movie, but more? A Pepper-Killian sex scene is really diabolical to start with, but to then have the sex tape broadcast in Home Depot? That's pure evil genius. It would have certainly also given the climactic showdown between Stark, Killian and Pepper a little extra spice.

Unfortunately this scene never got filmed, but with Black having cut over an hour of footage for the final version, I'm hoping that sometime in the future we get an Iron Man 3 Director's Cut.

Should a Pepper-Killian sex scene have made it into the final cut?



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