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Will Wharton

Tony Stark might be moving house! A photo landed on Reddit this past week which managed to reveal several spoilers to those who can put two and two together. Spoilers about a certain metal man who will be swooping into theaters in 2013. You have been warned...

Continuing our current trend of passing on any/all pieces of Iron Man 3 related news; the learned geeks of LatinoReview managed to extrapolate a hell of a lot from the photo below. It shows the set of Tony Stark's sophisticated Malibu mansion rigged to hydraulic gimbals that are ready to give way should the house be attacked. Here's what LatinoReview thinks is going on:

After the leaked set construction photo that appeared on the “Reddit” website comes word that the set is actually built on a very sophisticated gimbals system. This is a set up for total destruction. How do you fight a super hero? Hit him in the most sacred place: his home. Villains of Iron Man 3 hit Tony Stark and hit him hard enough for his mansion to fall into the Pacific ocean.

Does that sound like it could be true? We've seen Wayne Manor come under fire from super-villains, so isn't it about time Stark Mansion got what a bit of a battering? I can't wait to hear Paul Bettany's calm-as-a-cucumber J.A.R.V.I.S mustering up as much anger/fear he can muster before he and the rest of the house go tumbling into the ocean? A tearful goodbye for Stark? Either way it let's us know that it's not all sunshine and roses in the world of Iron Man 3.


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