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For a Marvel movie, Iron Man 3 was decidedly bereft of any easter eggs alluding to other films in Phase Two, or hinting at what's coming up in the MCU. There was one nugget of cross-movie awesomeness though, when the Mandarin removed his hood to reveal a Captain America-style tattoo on his neck.

In an interview with Empire, director explained the symbolism behind the Cap tat:

[The Captain America tattoo on the back of The Mandarin’s neck] was actually part of the design of the Mandarin. He’s very “cobbled together”. It’s essentially a Captain America shield with an anarchy symbol in the middle of it. It’s a corruption of America again.

Co-writer Drew Pearce also weighed in with his thoughts:

It was that brilliant kind of mash up vibe of, “How would a think tank create a terrorist?” And the way that they would do it in their own wanky way is to put together a mood board of all of the symbols of modern Western power. And I think post The Battle Of New York, Cap’s shield would be one of them.

"Wanky" is an adjective that is criminally underused these days.

's portrayal of the Mandarin has created a lot of chatter over the past few days and a lot of it negative. For what it's worth, I thought it was a really brave choice by the film makers to take the path they did with the character and I was a big fan of him in the movie.

I want to hear your thoughts on the Mandarin and whether you approved of his portrayal in the movie. Also, did you notice any easter eggs in Iron Man 3? Let me know in the comments below.


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