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Matt Carter

Having caught Iron Man 3 at a screening last week, I was surprised that the movie didn't feature a mid-credits scene tying it in to other Marvel movies. Sure, there was a comedy sketch featuring a well-known doctor and some therapy after the credits had finished rolling, but there was nothing tying Iron Man to further Marvel movies, and there was no teasing about Phase Two and beyond.

This is slightly odd behavior for a Marvel movie. Captain America: The First Avenger gave us a tie-in to the The Avengers, while The Avengers introduced us to Thanos. I was pretty sure that Iron Man 3 would somehow tie into Guardians of the Galaxy, or even Ant-Man, but all we got was "Iron Man will return..." All very cryptic.

So what's the deal with this lack of mid-credits scene? The guys over at ComicBook think it could have something to do with 's contract renewal. RDJ's contract with Marvel ended after Iron Man 3 and he's admitted he's not sure how much longer he'll stick with the franchise. Perhaps the studio pulled the scene and are waiting to see if their leading man signs on the dotted line again. It would make sense for Marvel to hold off with any potential Iron Man/Guardians of the Galaxy tie-ins until the future of RDJ and shellhead is known.

The movie has yet to open in the US, so there's also the possibility that the scene is being kept back for the American audience. We'll have to wait until its release in theaters May 3rd to find out.


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