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Matt Carter

Thank God for the Superbowl. It gave us lots of running, jumping and Beyonce – which was nice – but the real star of the show last night was the "extended" Iron Man 3 television spot. Put simply, it blew everything else out of the water (and sky), so check it out and see what you think:

The trailers and posters that we've seen so far have all hinted at a much darker movie than the previous two, but the "more extensive" look at the beginning of this spot from backs up Marvel chief Kevin Feige's assessment that Iron Man 3 won't be too serious. We also a got a better look at 's Mandarin, whose "You'll never see me coming" already offers more menace in these brief seconds than 's Ivan Vanko did in all of Iron Man 2. As for the explosive action sequence involving passengers plummeting towards Earth, I have one word for you: Goosebumps.

Iron Man 3 lands in theaters May 3rd.

Were you impressed by the Iron Man 3 Super Bowl spot?


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