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Captain America may have the accolade of "First Avenger" splashed across the title of his premiere movie, but when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the First Avenger has always been .

Ever since Robert Downey Jr. kicked off the back in 2008 with Iron Man, the popularity of both Downey Jr. and the character of Tony Stark has risen to dizzying heights. He's been at the head of much of the shared narrative, from messing up pretty badly in Avengers: Age of Ultron, to nearly stealing the spotlight in Captain America: Civil War.

Classic Tony Stank [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Classic Tony Stank [Credit: Marvel Studios]

And behind Tony Stark as always is his vast array of Iron Man armors. We've already seen many different versions of the famous red and gold suit in the MCU so far (especially in Iron Man 3), but we've barely begun to scratch the surface when it comes to the numerous armors he's created in the .

We've previously run down a few different types of armor we'd like to see making an appearance in the MCU, so here we go again — here's our shortlist of four more Iron Man suits we'd like to see Tony Stark wearing in the movies.

1. Model 8: Silver Centurion

The Silver Centurion [Credit: Marvel]
The Silver Centurion [Credit: Marvel]

Introduced in: Iron Man #200 (1985)

The Silver Centurion dates back to the 1980s, and the issue in which it was introduced was partly adapted into Iron Man, as it features donning the armor in order to battle with Obadiah Stane (the Iron Monger).

The Silver Centurion's design was a marked departure from the usual red and gold aesthetic, but it was also the most formidable armor yet. It featured enhanced jet turbines, repulsors and uni-beam, and packed in new weapons such as lasers, a tractor beam and electric shock capabilities.

But, most impressively, it was the first to feature the "chameleon effect" — a hologram which allowed the armor to blend with its surroundings. However this did mess with Tony's nervous system, so he couldn't use the chameleon for long periods of time. The Silver Centurion did actually appear in Iron Man 3 as part of the Iron Legion, but we didn't really get to see all that much of it before the suits got blown to hell at the conclusion of the movie.

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2. Model 6: Hydro Armor

The Hydro Armor [Credit: Marvel Comics]
The Hydro Armor [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Introduced in: Iron Man #218 (1987)

Whilst most of Tony Stark's early suits did work underwater, they typically couldn't go very far below the surface. The Hydro (or the Undersea) Armor was the first designed specially for deep sea jaunts, and it could function as far as three miles below the surface of the sea.

A bulky beast, all the Hydro Armor weaponry was specially adapted for underwater use and had an extended life support designed to function at deep sea levels. It featured a tri-beam instead of the typical uni-beam, as well as miniature torpedoes for underwater battles. It also took protective pointers from undersea creatures — the armor could create a protective electrical field like an electric eel, and could produce an black cloud of ink like an octopus.

The second version of the Undersea Armor — Model II — showed up many years later in Wolverine Vol 3 #45 (2006), when Wolverine stole the armor so he could go on a jaunt below the waves to talk to Namor. Classic Wolverine. A variation of the Hydro armor also appeared in Iron Man 3, but again it would be nice to see a more detailed look at the suit at some point in the MCU.

3. Model 27: Anti-Radiation Armor

The Anti-Radiation Armor [Credit: Marvel Comics]
The Anti-Radiation Armor [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Introduced in: Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #72 (2004)

The Anti-Radiation Armor popped up during the Marvel Knights Incredible Hulk event, which centered around Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and a mysterious sniper. This marked lines being drawn between the two heroes, as Tony was accused of having an involvement with the gamma isotope that turned Banner into the Hulk in the first place.

Tony developed the Anti-Radiation Armor whilst working for the US government, who had asked him to create technology to combat and shield people from radiation sickness. The Anti-Radiation Armor was fairly typical for an Iron Man suit, apart from its power source — the armor had the ability to absorb radiation and use that to power itself and its weaponry.

It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see the Anti-Radiation Armor popping up in the MCU — especially if it ever really digs into a storyline around Bruce Banner/Hulk, something which we may see in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. No Iron Man in that one though, sadly.

4. Model 31: Battlefield Argo Armor

The Battlefield & Hulkbuster Argo Armors [Credit: Marvel Comics]
The Battlefield & Hulkbuster Argo Armors [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Introduced in: Iron Man Vol 4 #7 (2006)

After Tony Stark had his physiology altered in Extremis (2005), he began work on something called Project Argonaut. Project Argonaut was a set of five Argonaut armors that he could pilot remotely via the neural connection he gained in Extremis. These armors consisted of the Battlefield, Hulkbuster, Subterranean, Submarine and Stealth Argonauts.

The Battlefield Argo Armor was also known as the Adamantium Man, because the entire suit was laced with — you guessed it — Adamantium. This meant that the suit itself was practically indestructible, though it was eventually destroyed by another suit made of Antarctic Vibranium. It was designed for full throttle war, and was used by Tony to fight the superpowered being The Sentry.

We may never see the Battlefield Argo Armor in the MCU, or if we do it probably won't be for a while yet. We've already have a version of the Extremis storyline in Iron Man 3 though, in which Tony developed a neural link headset to remotely pilot the armors, so it's not outside the realm of possibility. Whether or not Marvel Studios reserve the rights to use Adamantium in their movies remains to be seen though, as 20th Century Fox appear to have the monopoly on that particular metal. Oh well, at least the MCU will always have Vibranium.

Which is your favorite of Iron Man's suits? Sound off in the comments below!

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]


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