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Captain America gained his power from Super Soldier Serum. Spider-Man from a radioactive spider. Hulk from Gamma Radiation. Iron Man, on the other hand, is an alter ego carefully crafted from the genius engineering ability of Tony Stark, a billionaire playboy with the desire to utilize his skill to protect the world from evil.

The big difference with Stark is that the source of his power is good news, and bad news; without his suit, he's no match for superhuman strength or lightening speed. But, unlike other Avengers, he is also in complete control of his superhero ability, evidenced by his motivation to consistently improve his Iron Man suit.

Since 2008's launched the , Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) suit technology has had a journey of its own, evolving continuously, and often multiple times in single movies. Stark's first ever attempt at creating the iconic armor — constructed to escape captivity by terrorist group Ten Rings — seems like a distant memory.

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By Iron Man 2, Stark's armor was compact enough to be contained in a briefcase, ready to spring quickly into action when required. By this year's Captain America: Civil War, Stark was able to produce an Iron Man Glove from his wristwatch, an advancement that saved him from a point-blank bullet to the face during a battle with Bucky.

Will Stark's Bleeding Edge Armor Enter The MCU?

Stark's Bleeding Edge armor [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Stark's Bleeding Edge armor [Credit: Marvel Comics]

However, despite all of the enhancements Stark has made to his armor, the Civil War suit is still some way off the level of ingenuity of Model XXXVIII, also known as the famous Bleeding Edge armor — a special, seamless form of the suit that makes the briefcase armor look about as outdated as a Nokia 3210 at an iPhone 8 convention.

In the comics, by using this armor, Iron Man became the most powerful superhero on the planet. The most impressive attribute was its use of nano-machines; these tiny structures were contained within Stark's body, but with a simple command of the mind could transform into anything Stark desired. Including, obviously, the Iron Man suit.

At the rate he is improving, it may take the MCU's Stark some time yet to get to the lofty heights of thought-driven suit assembly. But there could be a character already introduced into the MCU who may help Stark accelerate the process: . You know? Star-Lord? The Legendary Outlaw? Anyway, moving on...

Star-Lord Could Provide The Answer

Reddit user D-Speak has produced a theory that links Iron Man's Bleeding Edge armor and Peter Quill himself. As seen from , Star-Lord's helmet follows the exact process of the Bleeding Edge armor; it forms instantaneously using the illustrious nano-machines.

The theory claims that, when Tony Stark eventually meets Star-Lord, he'll quickly notice the technology of the helmet and use his engineering skills to replicate the structure, setting him down the road of slimline micro-technology, and thus introducing the MCU to the badass outfit.

Stark engineering armor [Credit: Disney]
Stark engineering armor [Credit: Disney]

The big pay-off? Picture the scene in Avengers: Infinity War: Stark is backed into a corner by a vicious enemy, with no means of escape. No briefcase or watch in sight. He's doomed. His captor gleefully drags out this moment, safe in the knowledge one of the world's most powerful superheroes is about to meet his demise in the absence of his Iron Suit...

Then, BAM! Out of nowhere, using Star-Lord's technology, Stark's well-tailored Armani suit transforms into the most powerful Iron Man armor we've seen. He then makes a witty quip to camera, before nonchalantly saving the world. Quill arrives, the pair high-five and then decide to celebrate by drinking and dancing the night away.

Well, we can always dream, can't we?

So, do you think Star will be inspired by Star-Lord's helmet, resulting in the introduction of the Bleeding Edge armor?

(Source: Reddit)


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