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All the posters below are my original creations. Follow me on Facebook & Instagram at Ryan Crain Design. Contact me at
Ryan Crain

Hey Everyone, My names Ryan Crain and I specialize in creating relevant visual communication materials that best suit a particular product, service, client or event. I come from a Fine Arts background with two bachelors degrees in art focusing on traditional skills as well as my true love, digital arts. My areas of expertise include key art, wine labels, point of sale materials, product development, corporate identity, trade show displays, logo creation, website design, full motion graphics and concept creation. Given basic direction and creative assets I can design anything for any client or industry. My understanding of how design can influence a company’s success has benefited local, national and international clients. I am self-motivated, competitive, with an attention to detail and I take pride in saying I have never missed a deadline in my life.

However, my passion for the entertainment industry and some gentle nudges from creative influences have pushed me into creating my own art again. I took a lot of time off from my personal art, but my recent freelance experience in Hollywood has really inspired and humbled me. The raw skills & passion are there, but I must focus on my speed and elevating my skills. My goal is to continue learning and outdo myself with every new project I create. The 6 pieces featured in this article are a good start and show my range across many different genre's. Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy are definitely my favorite subject matter, but I think it is important to not pigeon hole yourself as an artist into one style or genre. I hope you enjoy my work and know that they were created with the sole intention of just making cool imagery that I thought people would enjoy.


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