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From web grenades and taser webbing to spider reconnaissance drones, Peter Parker sure is packing some heat in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Hell, the new suit that Tony Stark gave the webhead includes an amazing 576 web shooter combinations, but by the end of Homecoming Spider-Man had the chance to wear an even more powerful outfit; one that appears to be the fan favorite Iron Spider Armor from the comics.

What Is The Iron Spider Armor?

Spider-Man [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Spider-Man [Credit: Marvel Comics]

After Spider-Man finally proves that he's worthy of the suit Tony Stark gave him at the beginning of Homecoming, both Peter and audiences alike are introduced to a new upgraded costume that appears to be even more advanced than the first. Surprisingly, Parker turns this generous gift down, realizing that he must earn the right to wield such power when he's actually ready to do so. With great power comes great — Ah, wait!

"If you're nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it."

There it is. Anyway, while we never see this new suit in action or even hear it being described as such, the golden tints strongly suggest that this was in fact the Iron Spider Armor from Marvel Comics.

Debuting in Amazing Spider-Man #529, the Iron Spider Armor was originally a gift from Tony which was infused with Stark tech and an Iron Man-inspired design. Just like in Homecoming, Stark openly began to criticize Spider-Man around the time of Civil War, until Peter eventually ditched the Iron Spider Armor in favor of his traditional suit.

Given that this arc is remarkably similar to the plot of Homecoming, it's not much of a stretch to imagine that this gold, technologically advanced suit is in fact the MCU's version of the Iron Spider Armor. The only thing missing is the extendable spider-like legs, but these may have just been hidden within the suit for now as the costume was left inactive in a glass case.

What Are The Capabilities Of The Iron Spider Armor?

If you thought that Spider-Man's new suit in Homecoming was advanced, you'll be left crawling the walls with excitement at what the Iron Spider Armor can do. Alongside the enhanced lenses and gliding capabilities of the traditional suit, the Iron Spider Armor also possesses a number of other surprising capabilities including;

  • Constituent Costume Containment: Parts of the suit can detach themselves to contain dangerous or explosive objects.
  • Repair Layer: The armor can repair itself and even administer limited first aid to both Spider-Man and others in the vicinity.
  • Antenna: Not only does this allow Parker to control the suit at the speed of thought, but the antenna can also pick up various emergency broadcasts including the police and fire departments.
  • Light Emitting Plastic Layer: This allows Spider-Man to actively change the color and style of the suit in order to camouflage himself against various surfaces during stealth-based missions.

Compare this to the upgraded suit that we see towards the beginning of Homecoming in the clip below:

If the extendable spider-arms or 'Waldoes' do eventually appear in the , then it's worth noting that they can see around corners thanks to cameras located in the tip of each 'arm'. Of course, they're also invaluable in a fight, much like the tentacles wielded by Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man's arch nemesis.

When Will We See The Iron Spider Armor Return In The MCU?

The tech contained in this Iron Spider suit is clearly too advanced for the MCU's Spider-Man to wear just yet, but don't be surprised if we see this fan favorite costume return at a later date, possibly even in Avengers: Infinity War. After all, Earth's Mightiest Heroes will need all of the extra firepower that they can lay their hands on. If Iron Man has a more powerful Spider-Man outfit stored away in Avengers HQ, then it wouldn't make any sense to just leave it lying around when Thanos arrives with the power of the Infinity Stones.

Failing that, we're almost certain to see the Iron Spider Armor in the upcoming sequel instead. Given that the last suit represented Parker's journey towards adulthood and responsibility, it's likely that Spider-Man will continue to develop as a character, mastering the capabilities of Stark's first suit in time to receive an upgrade by the film's end.

Then again, Marvel may just throw the whole kitchen sink at the wallcrawler and add even more Spider-Man suits by the time that Avengers: Infinity War swings around. Between Thanos and a potential threat from the Sinister Six, Spidey better take some time out from ogling Liz Allan and finally master the hundreds of web shooter combinations that will be at his disposal.

Will the Iron Spider Armor return in future Marvel movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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