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Now, with 's chronological positioning being right before the start of the original trilogy and all, it always seemed unlikely that we'd see much of its leading characters in any of 's other planned standalone movies. The likes of the "young " movie are, after all, necessarily set well before the events of the original trilogy, meaning they could only feature the stars of Rogue One long before they met one another, and became our heroes in the first place.

And yet, it seems that nobody told Han Solo the odds, since it now seems that...

A 'Rogue One' Star May Now Be Set To Turn Up In The 'Han Solo' Movie

'Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi' [Credit: Lucasfilm]
'Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi' [Credit: Lucasfilm]

That, at least, is the subtle suggestion that MTV was recently able to draw out from Rogue One's Cassian Andor himself, , during a recent interview on the red carpet.

When asked outright whether we might see him make an appearance in the Han Solo "solo" movie, Luna was both decidedly non-committal, and deeply, deeply teasing, simply shrugging enigmatically, and saying:

"Who knows? Y'never know."

Before, when pressed, gently admitting...

"I don't have an answer for that."

...and then determinedly changing the subject to his interviewer's shoes.

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' [Credit: Lucasfilm]
'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' [Credit: Lucasfilm]

All of which could, on the one hand, absolutely suggest that Luna genuinely has no idea, and is simply being his usual charismatically teasing self. On the other hand, it easily be taken to mean that some contact has indeed already been made with the actor regarding a cameo appearance — or even a supporting role — in the upcoming Han Solo movie. A morally ambiguous, young Cassian Andor could, after all, be the perfect, distrust-engendering introduction to the Rebellion for a young Han Solo...

Or is that just wishful thinking on our part?

What do you think? Will be seeing Cassian Andor turn up in Han Solo's "solo" movie? Let us know below!

(Sources: MTV News)


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