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I have been a diehard fan of since I caught the finale of second season American Horror Story: Asylum. The storytelling, character development, scenery, and acting makes the show worth watching every season. I feel like Seasons 3–5 were lacking in the character development and had a strand of incomplete storylines and have been hoping they'd bring back that Murder House/Asylum vibe. I think they have achieved it with this current season American Horror Story: Roanoke.

Why This Season Is One To Watch

This season, and Brad Falchuk decided to go a different direction than their usual formula. They revealed practically nothing about the theme except for a series of messed up teasers. So far, it looks like all the teasers are the theme of this season and it's some scary shit.

There is still no theme credit introduction this season, which seemed to be a big thing Season 1–5. Each season has its own twist on the original theme song from Murder House. I always thought the credit openings were clever and had a Brothers Quay vibe to them, but the credits aren't necessary for this season.

This season is focusing on a different sort of than the others. It has a documentary setup to it at first, with actors portraying real people retelling their ghost stories. However, it switches up halfway into the season and turns it into a paranormal reality show. It reminds me of the ghost stories I used to watch on the Travel Channel that visited the Most Horrifying Places in America. Whenever something claims to follow "true events," it's automatically more horrific to watch.

Is It Really That Scary?

Yes, compared to the other seasons, this season has successfully made me uneasy to the point where I am afraid to turn the lights off. Murder House and Asylum were psychologically terrifying, but something about this season is scaring me more. I think it's because it reminds me of some scary places in northern Michigan. I used to stay at a bed and breakfast in that area with my family and something about it gave me the creeps like this show does. There was a pet cemetery at the place for all their dead cats and they had a bunch of cats there still. I could totally see a bunch of murderous farmer ghosts showing up at a place like that. They also had a doll there that looked like Chucky and if you watch that movie when you are too young and already convinced that American Girl Dolls look like dead children, then it freaks you out a bit.

What Makes It Scary?

The documentary setup, including elements of a reality television show and constant use of iPhones to capture real-life moments as they're occurring, makes this relatable. When characters become relatable, it allows you to suspend your disbelief a bit and get wrapped up in the story being told. I don't know about you, but whenever something says it's based on true events, it creeps me out more.

Kathy Bates makes this scary as hell. She is such an amazing actress and continuously devotes herself to her roles. (1990) still gives me nightmares. I don't want anyone to ever tell me they're my biggest fan because of that film. No thank you! Her psychotic performances in will probably earn her another Emmy nomination. Her butcher character may be even more insane than her Annie Wilkes in Misery.

The hillbillies freak me out too. All they do is remind me of the creeps in (1974). I have only seen that film once, and due to weeks of messed up nightmares, I haven't gone back to it just yet. It's not often that you stumble across a film that frightening and the fact that Roanoke has been able to successfully implement that type of horror into this season, along with the other relatable horrific situations, means it's going to scare the shit out of you.

What Season Scares You The Most?

Do you think Roanoke is as scary as other seasons? Are you looking forward to the rest of this season? Be sure to check out American Horror Story: Roanoke on FX Wednesday nights at 10/9PM Central.

Check out the promo for next week's episode, "Chapter 8," below:


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