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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The Walking Dead family have been together in some form or another for so many seasons now that it's beginning to feel like old friends to viewers. This makes it all the more difficult when one of those beloved characters is killed off — and now that Negan is in charge, even the the most beloved of all are in the firing line.

Andrew Lincoln certainly hinted heavily that one of our best and brightest didn't make it, describing to CB what "saying farewell" was like while filming Season 7:

“It's the greatest television job I've had in my career, and it's also the hardest because you know you're saying farewell. It’s unique in that way. It's one of the excitements in that it keeps evolving. It has to by definition. We're telling a story, and the story has to move forward.”

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Of course, Lincoln is not necessarily referring to HIS character dying when he mentions "saying farewell" — who did Negan kill with Lucille, dammit?! — but let's not forget that even big man Rick could get it soon. Robert Kirkman reminded us of that in the following Reddit exchange:

  • Fan: do rick die?
  • Kirkman: He do eventually.

The Walking Dead Season 7 hits AMC like a barbwire-wrapped baseball bat to the face on October 23. Check out the tantalizing teaser below.


If Rick dies, we...

How much do you really know a Walking Dead zombie?

Source: Comic Book, Reddit. All Images: AMC


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