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As the good and the bad of Disney's MCU suit up and ship out for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, nabbing a role in the superhero beat 'em up seems to be the hottest ticket in town. To be honest, if you aren't included in the impressive roster of stars, you should probably be asking what you did to piss off — I'm looking at you, Natalie Portman.

However, among the familiar faces still shuffling around on this mortal coil, could we also see some ghosts of the past rise from the grave to haunt our heroes? Given that we have cryptically seen Aaron Taylor-Johnson back as Quicksilver, it seems that death is only the beginning for some of the MCU alumni when it comes to . However, are the Russo brothers planning on bringing back a certain Ms. Carter (sorry, Yoncé, not you)?

Raise Your S.H.I.E.L.D.

While diehard Marvel fans will know Peggy from the pages of the comic books, it is 's on-screen portrayal that will likely be remembered. As the longtime "bae" of Captain America, Atwell's character premiered in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger and went to appear in the likes of The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, and ABC's short-lived spin-off. However, being trapped under ice for decades can play havoc with your love life, and Captain America: Civil War saw an aged Carter pass away off screen.

Now, an interesting detail from the leaked Infinity War footage could point to Peggy's presence in the third movie. The clip goes through the various Infinity Stones that Thanos has been collecting for his golden gauntlet, but it is the Time Stone segment that alludes to Peggy. As the voiceover proclaims, "Time can fix anything," we then cut to the elderly Atwell lying on her deathbed in The Winter Soldier. It may just be some inconspicuous editing, or it could herald Carter's return.

Time Stone Heals All Wounds

Uproxx writer Donna Dickens poses that Infinity War could use that very Time Stone to turn back the aforementioned time jump and reunite Captain America with his true love. We already saw the Time Stone play a large part in last year's Doctor Strange, where those crafty monks kept it a secret under the moniker of the Eye of Agamotto. The titular Strange used it for that Groundhog Day-esque defeat of Dormammu, but will it be put to use again during Infinity War?

The theory guesses that a user could travel back in time with the Eye and bring someone with them to the present. Why Cap (or anyone) would take time out of having their asses kicked by Thanos to go and collect Peggy is unknown, but it could just be some great fan service for lovers of the character. We have already seen set pictures of Thanos's Black Order trying to take the Eye away from Strange, so if we are hopping back to get Peggy, it would surely have to come relatively early on. Who knows though, could we see a different twist in which Thanos gets Peggy himself and uses her as a bargaining chip to bring down the Sentinel of Liberty?

The writing is already on the wall for just when/how Steve Rogers will throw down his shield, and the inclusion of Carter could be a poignant but faithful way to wave goodbye. While Atwell's return would be a welcome addition, could too many Carters spoil the broth? We have already seen Cap lock lips with Peggy's great-niece, Sharon, and you know what they say, two's company, three's a crowd.


Should 'Infinity War' bring back Peggy Carter?

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