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Most television viewers from the 1990s watched at least one episode of Roseanne. For the first seven seasons, the popular sitcom was ranked in the top 10 Nielsen ratings — but its popularity started to fall during Season 8 when the Conners became parents to another baby boy, Jerry Garcia Conner.

Though Jerry appeared in the final 21 episodes, he wasn't considered a major cast member — as, of course, his was a non-speaking role. Now, with all of the series' regular cast members on board for the Roseanne revival happening in 2018, there is no mention of the baby boy. Has he grown up?

There has been no indication that an older version of Jerry will be included in the revival. And with much of the happenings of Season 9 nine being eliminated, viewers are wondering if the Conners' baby is being written out as well.

The actor(s) who portrayed , Cole and Morgan Roberts, haven't done any acting since the show ended in 1997, but it's doubtful producers would want the Conners to have a 21-year-old anyway. Darlene and David's oldest child is going to be only 14, despite being born in 1996.

So will Jerry Garcia Conner be a part of the 2018 revival? So far, producers have been mum, and the full cast information hasn't been provided. While it's possible he'll still be included, it's definitely suspicious that he hasn't been mentioned yet when the search is already underway for the two kids for Darlene and David.

If that's the case, I wouldn't be surprised to see a dream sequence to explain both Season 9 and the birth of the Conners' fourth child.

Do you think we'll see Jerry Garcia in the revival?


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