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Though little information is known, Gotham City Sirens is on a fast track to production. is executive producing the film as well as bringing the Clown Princess of Crime to life again. She will also reunite with director David Ayer, who is taking this project to action. Fans of , Poison Ivy and Catwoman are thrilled for the movie, and many of us are wondering which other DC characters will appear.

The feature will undoubtedly take place in Gotham (hence the title), so it's possible that we could see members of the Bat family, including the Dark Knight himself.

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Margot Robbie Is Doing Research For Gotham City Sirens

Back in November, Robbie was photographed reading a Harley Quinn comic at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). She was also kind enough to take pictures with a few fans.

The image of Robbie has resurfaced, and a Reddit user did detective work to discover that she was reading Harley Quinn Vol. 3: Kiss Kiss Bang Stab. But more accurately, she was browsing Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special #1, which is collected in that graphic novel. Here is a close-up of the pages she had open:

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

In the Valentine's Day special, Harley robbed a corrupt Wall Street banker to win a date with Bruce Wayne for a charity auction. Both Harley and Bruce experienced dreams of them as a couple, proving that they would make a horrible match after all. Towards the end, Harley enjoyed a fancy dinner date with the millionaire, even sneaked a kiss.

Minutes after the date concluded, appeared on her roof to thank her for her act of justice. But there was something else in her mind that she was determined to find out:

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

So, is there any significance of Robbie reading this comic? Maybe she's looking for a Bruce Wayne-related storyline to incorporate in Gotham City Sirens. This could also indicate that we'll see the independent version of Harley that we're familiar with in her comics.

On the other hand, maybe Robbie just wanted to read her character's stories because truly, they're awesome. But regardless, this shows how dedicated she is to this role and capturing the essence of Harley.

Batman's Role In The Sirens' Comics

In 2009's Gotham City Sirens, Dick Grayson took over as Batman. Bruce Wayne was gone and only appeared in flashbacks. He briefly returned as Batman in Issue #23 and #24 to help Catwoman end chaos at Arkham, which Harley and the Joker caused.

Bruce and Selina have a deep, complicated connection, and it's possible that their romance could be brought to the big screen in Sirens. Well, if the movie has a part for him to begin with.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Final Thoughts

I believe it would be important for Batman to be included in this venture. I mean, he dedicates his life to protecting Gotham City, so why wouldn't he be there? There are so many directions that this movie could take with his character: They could create their own Batman story with Ben Affleck reprising the role. Or perhaps, if they follow the comics, an actor could be cast for Dick Grayson to assume the Batman title.

But at this rate, who knows what Ayer and Robbie have up their sleeves — only time will tell.


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