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It must be 1912 all over again, because secrets keep leaking from the set of Justice League like water into the Titanic.

This week, director Zack Snyder continued Warner Bros.' mission to whip up unprecedented hype for Justice League by sharing a teaser of the "tactical suit" Batman wears for a chunk of the movie — and needless to say, it looks pretty badass. Sure, it's less bulky than the frankly obscene armory worn during the titular fight of Batman v Superman, but noticeably more rugged for occasions on which a little extra protection is needed to keep a superpowered threat at bay.

Check out the new Batsuit again below (lightened to reveal extra detail on the suit and in the background)...

Lighten up, Bruce! (Warner Bros.)
Lighten up, Bruce! (Warner Bros.)

As the good people of the internet did not fail to observe, there's more than a hint of Nite-Owl (you know, the Watchmen vigilante who totally wasn't modelled on Batman) in the design of this new tactical Batsuit, but if Snyder wants to turn the Dark Knight into the Knight-Owl, that's cool with me.

More Batman badassery:

The biggest and potentially most game-changing modification is the goggles. Clearly, this suit is packing some serious tech, hence the name. So, you can be pretty damn certain that Alfred has worked his magic on those goggles — and given that the Alfred of Snyder's Batverse is ex-SAS, he'll know all about the benefits of heat, or night-vision wearables. In essence, the tactical suit is probably designed for low-light combat, which is just as well considering Snyder's contempt for daylight.

During set visits earlier this summer, it was reported that Batman's latest suit will also be used to pilot his vehicle. Whether that refers to the Batmobile, the Nightcrawler (a mysterious spider-like vehicle designed for terrain which cannot be accessed on wheels), the Flying Fox (the Justice League's new, super-sized, weaponized jet) or all of the above isn't certain.

If Bruce does have some means of piloting his ride remotely with tech built into suit, that's pretty much Alfred's single greatest achievement — but more than that, it could give him the advantage if we see Batman face-off with Deathstroke (who won't be in Justice League proper, but might have a minor role or a debut in the mid-credits scene). Let's face it, in a one-on-one combat situation, Deathstroke would pulverize the Caped Crusader. Throw in some tech though, and distract the Terminator with a vehicle which looks like a high-tech, airborne arachnid, and the Bat might stand a solid chance against Slade Wilson's huge arsenal of weaponry.

It's worth noting that the picture of Batman in his upgraded suit looks like it was taken inside the Flying Fox, which also happens to be where the test footage of Deathstroke shared by Ben Affleck was filmed...

Yeah, I know - probably nothing more than coincidence, but if there's even the slightest chance that means this tactical suit was designed specifically for a head-to-head with Deathstroke, destined to take place on board the Flying Fox, sign me up.

Justice League is released November 16, 2017. Until then, expect the hype train to keep on rollin'.

What high-tech wizardry do you expect from the tactical Batsuit?


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